Tuesday, March 26, 2013

**Interview with Saturday, Monday**

Swedish producer, Ludvig Parment best known as Saturday, Monday and songwriter and singer, Julia Spada gained the attention of listeners from all over with their track "Headshake." The two artists collaborated once again returning with a new single called "The Ocean." The track tells a tale about a love story that has fallen to the wayside.  With the haunting vocals of Spada and the use of classical element of strings and electronic beats from Parment, made for one hell of a track. 

I came across some of his music via youtube and it immediately sparked my interest.  The style of techno and electronics used in his music is not overwhelming and quite relaxed. We have yet to hear the vocals of Parment but we do hear some killer vocals in his tracks which only complements his music even more. 

Currently, Saturday, Monday has an EP called  " The Ocean" which includes  four tracks.  It was released February 27th. His debut album is expected out sometime this year through his parent label, Despotz Records also located in Sweden. 

Check out my interview with Ludvig, best known as Swedish producer, Saturday, Monday. He is a real down to earth and chill guy. Check out what he has to say...

 PS- Sweet new mash up track download below.

What are your influences? Oh there are so many. Everything from; J Dilla and Madlib to Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington, PJ Harvey, The Rolling Stones to Jamie XX, Pearson Sound, Untold, Jai Paul and James Blake.

Which musicians do you admire and why? I'm not much of a fan-boy but I get really excited when I hear someone that manages to do something that's really unconventional and weird but still sounds "right" especially if their artistical approatch are somewhat similar to mine. Jai Paul, James Blake and Hudson Mohawke are people who have impressed me over and over again recently.

Describe your music...My musicmaking is basically my biggest emotional outlet so I don't make up any rules for what I need to sound like. I just sort of make music that reflects whats in my head. 

What are your music goals for the future?I feel like I'm getting into a really interesting network of really talented people so I have... maybe more of a general excitement towards the future than concrete goals. But I'd like to be able to travel even more with my music. That is really something that I haven't been able to do until quite recently and I love it!

Do you ever get nervous while performing?I don't usually get nervous about the performance itself but I'm really absentminded so I do always get nervous about forgetting to bring everything I need to the venue.

Your most important moment, thus far, in regards, to your music?When I started the Saturday, Monday project realized that I had to do music that really represents me as a person and start treating my music as art rather than as a craft or a product which I might have done to some extension before and I think that made all the difference.

Random/fun fact about yourself!I have a pretty severe whale-fobia. I get horrified just by thinking about them, like right now.

Check out his mash up for Easter. Free download-

For more information and music on Saturday, Monday 
check out his Facebook page and Sound Clound. 

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